About Kathy


I am Kathy Hart Wood, a life-time golfer, a long-time golf professional and full-time mother of three teenage daughters (the latter is the most challenging).

What I do for a living?

I brighten people’s lives personally, socially and professionally through the game of golf.

My Mission

To expose more people to the game of golf in a simple and fun manner so that they will continue to play the game and by doing so live a more fulfilled and enriched life.

Why would I want to do that?

Because…I love to see people have a great time. I guess I could go to an amusement park, sit on a bench, spectate and accomplish the same thing but a quick thrill ride is too fleeting (plus, I don’t like crowds). Golf, as a sport, is challenging, unpredictable, and impossible to master. Golf, as a game, provides rewards for every age and every body. I love to see the smiles from spending a day outdoors with friends, learning a new skill, playing in the company outing, besting a husband even if for one hole, meeting new people, executing that one amazing shot, spending time with a spouse, traveling to amazing places, participating in a charity event. I could go on but you get the point. I love to see how golf and the golf environment make people’s lives shine.

What makes me qualified?

Well…I grew up a golf pro’s daughter which means I started playing the game at a very young age. I started to compete nationally at the age of 12 and went on to play college golf at Furman University. After college, I played professionally all over the world; Europe, Australia, South Africa, Korea and of course here in the States. Grinding out 4-foot putts to pay for gas to travel to the next tourney got tiring after 6 years, so I switched gears and started teaching.  And I hit the ground running. I got my feet wet instructing in the Nicklaus/Flick Golf Schools under the tutelage of some of the most amazing teachers in the game. Soon,I became the lead instructor for the Golf For Women Magazine Golf Schools. At the same time, my husband and I opened 3 Golf Academies in South Florida and I gave birth to 3 girls in 3 years. I know…what was I thinking?

A few years later, I became the Director of Women’s Golf at Hamilton Farm Golf Club in New Jersey and Cornerstone Golf Club in Montrose, Colorado. And, currently I teach at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club in New Jersey. That is a quick relatively short yet incomplete synopsis of what I have done  and where I have been.

A little more…

  • LPGA Top 50 Best Teachers presented by Women’s Golf Journal
  • Golf Digest’s Best of State for New Jersey
  • Golf Digest’s Top 50 Best Women Teachers in America
  • Voted Top Favorite Teaching Pro in NJ by Golf Styles New Jersey
  • Top 50 Teachers in the Country by Edwin Watts
  • Golf for Women Magazine Top 50 Teacher
  • Featured on the cover of Women & Golf Magazine, Golf for Women Magazine, Colorado Avid Golfer, New Jersey Golf Magazine and Player Magazine. 
  • Contributing Editor for Golf for Women Magazine and published numerous instructional articles for various magazines.
  • LPGA Class A Member

What makes me tick?

  • My girls…an obvious first but they really are amazing!
  • Unbelievable friends, I am so blessed and grateful.
  • full moon near the horizon so it looks ginormous. So cool.
  • Hugs or texts…(hugs are better) from my students because they played their best round of golf ever!
  • Laughter…hearing, doing, producing.
  • Logistics…I love streamlining operations…like teaching folks to hit that ball and play golf in the shortest amount of steps possible…good stuff.
  • Nature…I way prefer to be outdoors than indoors.
  • Animals in nature…I obsess over random encounters; the alligator by the side of the green, the elk on the mountain top at dusk, the blue heron that flies by me on the 8th hole at FECC. But…not so much the herd of deer that live on my yard and eat my hostas.
  • Chardonnay…leaving it off the list would be an obvious omission to those who know me.

Fun and Weird Facts…

  • My favorite golf course is Pebble Beach, mostly for the scenery and the seals.
  • I completed three triathlons. Checked that off the list. Random encounters with jellyfish not good.
  • My Dad is a golf pro, my brother is a golf pro and my husband is a golf pro. We have some intense family matches and boring dinner conversations.
  • I love weather and secretly wanted to be a meteorologist when I was a kid.
  • My daughters’ all have “boyish” names: Charlee, Sam, and Riley. When you start with Charlee, you just can’t flip to Jessica or Sally…you can’t.
  • I am a HUGE college football fan particularly the SEC, specifically Alabama. Roll Tide! (I pay 2 tuitions to AL and husband alum)
  • I lived in Tokyo for 8 months after I got married and retained two sentences of Japanese.
  • At my house, we have two fish, four hermit crabs, and an English Springer Spaniel names Cooper.
  • I grew up in Buffalo, New York, weird only because I am a golf pro. I am a closet Bills fan and a wings snob. I love that place.
  • Bullet points, I love them they make everything simple and concise.

Where can I learn more?

About me? The weird facts section is too long to type. But you can visit the boring list here. And you can get on my email list here and receive updates with blog posts and golf tips.