Proper Pivot and Power

An easy drill

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Power and Pivot 

A proper pivot helps you hit the ball consistently and powerfully.

But a bad pivot makes hitting solid golf shots a monumental task. And is you have a “bump”?


A bump is when your hip slides to the side on the backswing instead of turning and the result can be ugly!

If you have a tendency to hit random super-out-of-character shots (what I call, “squirrelly” shots), this is likely your swing issue. I am not talking about a random fat or thin shot – that happens to everyone. I am talking about a few shanks or a series of super fat shots mixed in with some pretty decent shots.

No Bumping Allowed!

“Squirrelly” shots happen because you get off center on the backswing and then don’t get back to where you started. You bump your hips to the side instead of turning and have to rely on awesome timing to return them back so the club can find the ball.

It is really a big mess…

If you sense this might be you or know that you need to work on your backswing pivot, check out the drill below and start creating more power and consistency.

You CAN do this!